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First Look Ideas at Elliston

Today, first looks are becoming more popular whereas before it was seen as “bad luck” to see your fiancé before the ceremony. Nowadays we actually love the idea of a first look as it’s time for your significant other and you to take a private moment before the wedding frenzy commences. It is also a great time to get out any tears or last minute jitters before you walk down the aisle. It is a great emotional exchange that can be beautifully captured for your big day.

Elliston is a beautiful, picturesque property with tons of greenery that the different areas for the first look is never ending. The most popular spot for a first look is on the sidewalk on the south side of the mansion. There’s tons of greenery with the famous stone mansion as your backdrop. The only thing to be wary about with this spot is getting these photos done super early as it’s where the ceremony will take place and you do not want any of your guests seeing you beforehand.


Rachel Howden Photography


Sarah Dawson Photography

My personal favorite spot for photos and an amazing first look area is directly behind the mansion on the hill. Depending on how elaborate your dress is, I encourage all brides to take photos here because the pictures always come out so whimsical.


Caleb John Hill Photo

Another popular first look spot is behind the ceremony site on the grass above the stairs. It’s so green and the the flowers always look stunning.



Olivia Richards Photo

Another great spot that people don’t really think about is actually in our lower parking lot! How cute are they?


Margaret Austin Photo

Of course we can’t forget the mansion. We love the photos of brides walking down the stairs to her future husband.


Pearl Hsieh Photography


Serafin Love

We hope this gave you a better idea on unique first look areas around the property!

"Thank you so much for an amazing & magical wedding day! It was everything we dreamed of and many more! Your team, especially Madeline, was so great leading up to and during the wedding! We are so happy Elliston was our wedding venue!" - Serina & Dan - July 11, 2015