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Elliston Love Stories

Happy Valentine’s Day! In honor of one our favorite holidays, we asked a few of our brides and grooms to hear their love stories! We love hearing about how couples meet, and their proposal stories, and thought today would be the perfect day to share.

First up we have the love story of Rachel & Brennan who will be married this June at Elliston. Enjoy!



Rachel & Brennan

I love the 4th of July. Like borderline obsessed. This year the plan was to spend the afternoon at my parents house to celebrate. I was so excited. I bought all the fixins for red white and blue jello shots (obviously). Brennan was working in the morning so I rushed around all day trying to get things ready so we could head over as soon as he got off work. When he got home, I realized I had rushed around too much and could use a quick power nap before the afternoon of fun commenced. Brennan wasn’t tired so went in the other room to “watch TV” while I napped. When I woke up all I had left to do was put the now formed jello shots on a festive platter then we could hit the road. While I was doing so, Brennan went in the backyard to play with the dog. After a few minutes he shouted “Rach, come check out what Tilly is doing!”. Considering I love Tilly even more than the 4th of July I went running outside to see what antics she was up to this time. To my surprise she was just sitting in the yard – what I saw instead was a big gold box on the patio table, with a yellow card laying against it that had my name on it. I asked Brennan what it was for and he told me to open it. I thought maybe it was a gift for the 4th of July (I mean I do love the 4th…) but thought it would be odd to be given a gift for that purpose. I sat down and opened the card. As soon as I pulled it out I knew what was happening. The top of the card was entitled “The Top 10 Reasons You Should Agree to Marry Me”. Immediately my eyes welled up. Brennan urged me to read them but I was already so emotional I couldn’t, so he read them to me instead. As he rattled off the various reasons we should get married my heart became full – he was very convincing. For reason #1, the card said I had to open the box. Somehow, I was able to see through my happy tears and open the gift box. Inside was a bottle of champagne with a note and a diamond ring tied to the top of it. The note had the #1 reason…which said…”so we can pop this bottle and start planning the rest of our lives together”. Brennan then formally asked me to marry him and I of course said yes….or squeaked it really since by now I was a complete basketcase. I sat on his lap to give him a hug, and as if out of a movie scene, our dog jumped up onto us immediately to join in the celebration. It was pretty awesome. We then got to go to my parents and not only celebrate my favorite holiday, but also our new engagement! It was perfect. 🙂

Rachel & Brennan

Dellalyn & Austin

Austin and I met in February 2012. We still don’t know if it was actually on Valentine’s Day, but it was definitely close to that date! In February 2012, I was invited out with friends to a rooftop bar in New York City, so off I went to join some girlfriends.

That night I thought I should to treat myself to a nice, simple glass of wine. This is when things started to go awry! My simple $10 glass of wine (cheap for NYC standards) somehow turned into a $17 dollar glass of wine! An argument ensued with the bartender, but I tried to remain calm.

By the end of the evening, I was asking to speak to the Manager. And who arrives: Austin! He was the best listener and most patient man I had ever encountered in my life. I probably vented for at least 10 minutes. (About being overcharged for wine and just life in general!) Then out of nowhere, some colleagues of Austin’s from the market downstairs jumped on him! They totally lightened up the entire situation. I even felt a little ridiculous about complaining and just started to laugh with everyone.

They told me they were chefs. I told them I was a baker with my own company and, of course, they wanted samples. Well, I happened to have some baked goods on me! I offered up free samples and everyone seemed happy! I even made some new friends.

However, I realized that I had left Austin out and given out all of my treats.. And then he asked for samples too! Well, I came by later that week to personally deliver a pack of sweets. A few weeks later we were having dinner at a quaint French Restaurant in mid-town. And, yes we are both true foodies!

They say the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach! Maybe that is true, I’m not sure. But that night on or around Valentine’s Day was the best complaint I had ever made! Most people get complimentary things, if their restaurant experience is not a good one. I got my future husband!

I’m very excited that Elliston will be hosting our wedding. It will be the perfect spot for both of us!

We hoped you enjoyed reading these stories as much as we did! Keep an eye out for more love stories from Elliston brides and grooms this year.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

"Thank you so very much for giving me such a wonderful day and being here for the past year with me. Madeline, thank you for sticking with me the entire evening. It was comforting knowing you were there. Your wait staff was truly amazing. Everyone was so nice and made the evening absolutely perfect! There were so many compliments on the food and the venue itself. It is truly a beautiful and amazing place to remember for such a special day!" - Jennifer & Scott - August 31, 2014