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How to Create an Epic Dessert Table

While traditional weddings cakes are the most popular choice, dessert tables are still growing strong. We get why, desserts are the best!  When planning a dessert table, there are several things that you want to consider, from what your serving, how it will be served, and how you want it displayed. Your baker should provide you with suggestions and ideas, and so will we! Read on to see our tips on how to create the best dessert table ever!

Decide what to Serve

This is the fun part of wedding planning – picking your desserts! Get creative for your desserts, is there a dessert that you and your partner love? Something that incorporates your culture? We have seen everything here from donuts, to mini pies, baclava, cheesecakes, macaroons and more! When in doubt, cookies and cupcakes are always a crowd pleaser.

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Add Some Personality

We love when couples put their own flair on their wedding. After all, this day is about you!  Add small details or a cute cake topper like this couple did. Go Sharks!

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Label your Desserts

Unless it is very clear what you are serving (like sugar cookies and chocolate cake), we recommend labeling your desserts. This lets guests know what they are eating, and is very helpful for any guests who may have allergies.

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Create Dimension

When planning your dessert table, having everything just on plates will make the table look flat and boring. Instead use things like cake stands, crates, and platters to add hight and dimension to your table. The final look will be more interesting, and will make it easier for guests to see and grab dessert items.

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Dress Up your Table

Now that you have all of your desserts and serving pieces figured out, don’t forget to add a few things to make the table really pop! Adding candles or a fun linen is a great way to dress the table up. If your florist has some extra flowers, see if they can add them to your table. The dessert table is also a good place to put the bridesmaids bouquets after the photos are done.

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Add a Sign

Like we said, people love desserts. So much so, that unless there is a sign, there is a 99% chance that your guests will eat your desserts during cocktail hour.  To avoid this, and to make sure your photographer can get photos of the table before it is devoured, add a sign! We’ve found that if you add a sign asking guests to wait until after dinner or after cake cutting, your dessert display will be ok until then.

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Okay, now who’s ready for some sweets?


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