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Must-Get Wedding Photos

Along with your memories, your photos are the only things you’ll have after your wedding day ends. Photos are so important so we always recommend our clients hire high quality wedding photographers who can capture their big day. While most couples know to get the big photos like the bridal party, family photos, and the couple portraits, there are some photos that many people don’t think about getting when planning for the wedding day. Here is our list of important but sometimes overlooked photos to take!


Many couples spend hours picking out the perfect stationary and invitation suite. Some couples put in days of actually making their invites themselves! So we think it is important to document these so you can have a digital keepsake of all of your hard work!

one-love photography


Picking out the perfect shoes, jewelry and veil take time! Make sure your photographer snaps a few pictures so you can remember what you wore. This is especially meaningful if one of your accessories is your “something borrowed”.

Apollo Fotogrfie

Getting Dressed

I love these photos because it provides the perfect opportunity for dress detail shots, and photos of you with your mom or bridesmaids. And don’t forget to get some fun photos of the guys getting ready too!

Cassie Xie Photography

one-love photography

one-love photography

Individual Photos with Loved Ones

Everyone always gets the group shots, but don’t forget to take photos of just you and your loved ones! This includes bridal party, parents, and anyone else you want a one-on-one photo with.

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Hazy Lane Studios

Candid Moments

Some of the best pictures aren’t planned or posed. The groom’s expression when he sees his bride for the first time, faces of parents during the Father & Daughter Dance, guests laughing during toasts – these are some of the most magical photos of the night.

one-love photography

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Daniel Cruz Photography

Room Shots & Decor Photos

Our couples spend so much time picking out the perfect table cloths, making sure their signs look just right, and selecting the cutest guest book. We want to make sure all of your hard work gets noticed! Ask your photographer to take a few room shots and photos of your decor. Right before the ceremony is usually a nice “quiet” time for the photographer to get these images.

Essence Photography

Ultra-Spective Photography

Kristine Herman Photography

Out of Town Guests

There may be some guests in attendance who you don’t see often. The wedding is a perfect chance to catch up with them, and get a nice photo for you to remember the night. During the reception is a nice time to get a quick photo with these guests.

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"Madeline & Elliston Staff, Thank you so much for everything! It was amazing working with you all, our wedding went so smoothly. Thank you for putting together a magical evening for us and our guests!" - Madison & Immanuel - December 9, 2017