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Ceremony Unity Ideas

One thing we love about wedding these days is that couples are not shy about adding their personality to their wedding! Some couples do this in what they wear, their decor, or food selections. One thing that every couple likes to customize is their ceremony. It makes sense, the ceremony after all is the most important part of the day, and should reflect the couple. Adding a unity ceremony is great way to add some personality to your wedding, and also creates a special moment for the couple. Many unity ceremonies are rooted in tradition, but there also some fun alternatives for couples who want something a little more “modern”. Keep reading to see some our favorite ceremony unity ideas!

Love Letters

Before the ceremony, the bride and groom should prepare 2 – 10 love letters to each other. During the ceremony, the couple will lock up these letters in a decorative box, and reopen them on special anniversaries to read to each other. How sweet!

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Wine Blending

While wine is the most popular option here, this can also be done with beer, tea, or any beverage that is special to the couple. The ceremony symbolizes the blending of two people into one. Each person will take a glass of wine (or your preferred beverage), and pour it into a larger wine glass to blend the wine together. The couple will then each take a drink out of the glass.

Tree Planting

A tree planting ceremony is the perfect option for a couple who loves the outdoors. Planting a tree together symbolizes the growth of your relationship with your new spouse. Normally the groom and bride will each have a jar of soil that they will pour into a planter on top of the planting.


Hand Fasting

The hand fasting ceremony has roots in the Celtic tradition, and symbolizes the binding together of two people. Today this ceremony has become very popular for couples from all walks of life. This ceremony begins with the officiant explaining the significance of the ceremony, and explaining what is about to happen. As the couple holds hands, the officiant will read vows or a reading, while wrapping a chord around the couple’s hands.

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Unity Cross

Having a unity cross at the wedding is a beautiful way to bring your faith into your ceremony. In this ceremony, the couple will build a cross together, usually consisting of three parts. The officiant will explain the meaning behind each piece while the couple builds it. After the wedding, the couple can display the cross in their home.

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Tying the Knot – Literally

Using one or two large chords, the couple will literally tie the knot in this unity ceremony. The officiant will discuss what the chords represent – traditionally the ropes each represent the couples individual lives before the wedding day. Tying the knot represents intertwining and joining your lives as one. The finished knot symbolizes the couple’s future, and how their marriage and love will be strong.

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Warm the Wedding Rings

This ceremony is a great way to involve all of your ceremony. At the beginning of the ceremony (you’ll want time for your guests to complete this while the ceremony continues), your officiant or special reader can explain the ceremony to your guests. They will then give your rings to the guests, and ask them to pass them around. As your guests pass around the rings, they can say a well wish to you in their head, give a blessing or a kiss. If this sounds nice but you have a large wedding or are worried about the rings getting lost, maybe just have the bridal party and/or parents warm the rings.

Pro-Tip: Tie the rings together before the ceremony. This means they wont get separated or lost during the ceremony.

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