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Our Top 10 Favorite Photo Spots

One of the most popular questions we hear is – “Where is a good spot to take wedding photos here?”. We are lucky to have so much natural beauty here at Elliston, which means that there are a lot of different areas to take photos. Our estate is full of florals, rustic woodsy areas, our vineyards and of course our stone mansion and each will give you a different feel and backdrop that can fit whatever photo style you want! We have gathered up a few of our favorites to help give some inspiration.

1 – The Mansion

Our stone mansion is the most iconic pieces of the Elliston estate. It was built in 1890 by Henry Ellis and is such a beautiful part of our property. We have a lot of couples do their bridal party photos in front of the mansion, first looks on the side of the mansion and portraits in the archway of the front doors.

Michelle Chang Photography

Anna Lord Studio

Apollo Fotografie

Rachel Howden Photography

Photography for Kelsey

2 – Vineyards

If you are getting married at a winery, you have to some vineyard shots! Our vines are in full bloom by the end of May and stay that way through November. We love how romantic these photos turn out for the bride and groom portraits, but are also a fun backdrop for bridal party photos as well!

Love in Photographs

Dana Todd Photography

Anna Lord Studio

One Love Photography

3 – Our Lower Lot

This location is a hidden gem. We get some of the most beautiful photos in this area, but most couples don’t think to take photos here. The wine barrels in the background give off a rustic vibe, while the large trees provide some gorgeous dimension in the photos.

One Love Photography

PhotoFlood Studio

Janine Licare Photography

4 – Hillside

Beautifully landscaped, and complete with a waterfall, our hillsides are the perfect place for photos. Stand near the front, or climb up the winding stairs to get to the top of the hillside, and it will look like you are in a forest!

Retrospect Image

Green Vintage Photography

Richard Wood Photography


Vivian Chen Photography

5 – Ceremony Hedges

The hedges in front of the ceremony site make a fun backdrop not only for bride and groom portraits, but for your bridal party photos. They bloom with beautiful pink and white flowers and are the perfect backdrop to fit your whole bridal party in front of them. You can expect the flowers to be in full bloom from June – September.

Apollo Fotographie

Hazy Lane Studios

Nicola Leigh Photography

6 – The Pond

We recently refurbished our pond this past year and it has quickly become a favorite photo spot. You’ll get perfect lighting and the most beautiful florals down by the pond, and you can’t forget to visit our koi fish we have in there too!

One Love Photography

Hazy Lane Studios

Katie White Photography

7 – Street Photos

One location that we find really fun and creative, is when couples go right outside our front gates into the street for a quick photo session. We are located in a fairly quiet road, so there are not too many cars that drive by. It’s a great location for bridal party photos and bride and groom portraits.

Michael Keel Photography

Red Eye Collection

Ryan Sin Photography

8 – Ceremony Lawn

Okay this one is kind of obvious, but we just love this spot so much! The gardens, fountain, and mansion make for the perfect backdrop.

Hazy Lane Studios

Cassie Xie Photography

Kristine Herman Photography

A Tale Ahead Photography

9 – Cellar Doors

These doors are AH-MAZING for photos. Installed in 1890, they have been here since the beginning of Elliston, and made for a great photo-op. Snap a quick photo here before heading up to the reception!

One Love Photography

Hazy Lane Studios

Rachel Dawson Photography

10 – Driveway

Our paved driveway will take you all around our property, and gives your photos backdrops with vineyards, flowers, the mansion and more! These are great shots to take while you are traveling from one location to the next. And an added bonus is getting some adorable classic car photos!

A Tale Ahead Photography

Simple Joie Photography

A Tale Ahead Photography

Wondering where all of these photo spots are? Don’t worry, we’ve added a handy map with each location marked. While these are some of our favorite locations, we love when couples and photographers find new places to shoot on our estate. We hope you are able to find your own special photo spot at Elliston!

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"We just had our wedding at Elliston and we were SO HAPPY with our entire experience. We initially chose Elliston because of its uniqueness. The day-of coordinator is a MUST-HAVE. We had Madeline and she was AWESOME. She was so responsive to all of my emails and questions. The on-site catering and alcohol service made the whole wedding planning process easier, and there was plenty of food! Elliston Vineyards will always be a special place for us now, and we’re happy they have wine tasting on weekends so we can come reminisce on our wedding day. Thank you to all Elliston staff and Madeline!" - Lindsey & Sam – July 25, 2015