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Unique Color Schemes

Still pondering your color scheme? We know, the possibilities are endless! Like most Bride’s you probably have one or two colors you are definite on, but aren’t sure what goes with what. Think outside of the box! Often the best color palettes were put together on a whim. I highly recommend you incorporate accent colors into your theme so it isn’t too much of just one color. Also two bold colors can be incorporated seamlessly without being overbearing with the help of an accent. Accent colors can be light browns, tans, and greys.


What’s trending right now are the pastels and blush tones. Don’t get me wrong, I love blush and gold together – however I’m dying to see some different color schemes this upcoming wedding season.

I have put together a few different swatches I think would look great at Elliston and are unique.

The New Fall

I started with the accent of a very light mauve color. Purple is such a beautiful color, but instead of your typical lavenders or deep purples, I opted for one with some grey tones. It gives off an etherial feel to it. I wanted to be different and added in a deeper sage green. I feel this color goes really well for outdoor venues in the fall to bring out the green from all the trees.

Coastal Tangerine

I went for a pastel orange and contrasted it with a calm teal. I lightened the whole thing up with a grey accent. I love this palette as it is so different, almost a nautical feel to it. The colors are bold, however you can make it work for a wedding. I’m envisioning grey bridesmaid’s dresses with teal pendant necklaces. The groomsmen’s ties the calm teal color. The bouquet can be mostly white or light colored flowers with pops of the orange and teal colors. This is a great refreshing color palette for spring!

Moroccan Flavor

This one is very bold, but I love the vibrant almost exotic colors. The deep purple and ruby pop against the gold. I think this color scheme works well for a fall wedding. The colors are rich and warm. This color scheme can be a bit tricky as there is already a lot going on, I wouldn’t add any other colors in fear that it would be too distracting.


"Thomas and I had a wonderful wedding thanks to Madeline and the Elliston staff! We still can't believe how beautiful everything looked when it all came together. The food was absolutley delicious, no one left hungry, and everyone raved about the food. Thank you again for allowing our dream wedding to come true, everything was perfect!" - Samantha & Thomas - March 11, 2017