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Guest Book Tips and Ideas

Today we are seeing more, and more couples do non-traditional guest books, and bringing their own personal touch to their wedding. Having an alternative guestbook display is one of the newest {and out favorite!} wedding trends in recent years. If you are having a hard time deciding on what type of guestbook you would like to have at your reception, we have a few tips and ideas to help make your search an easier one!



Signed Frames:

One of our favorite guest book alternatives is having your guest book incorporated into the decor of your home. Having guests sign a framed photo of you and new husband/wife. The photo you can use can be from your engagement photos, or just a favorite photo of you two! Not only is this a fun alternative to the traditional guest book, but it makes a great piece to display in your home!


Tip: Make sure to provide good quality pens or markers for guests to sign their name or message. Also, think about the material you are having your guests write their message on. If you plan on having guests write on a wooded surface, you would need a wood paint marker. You can find items like this at your local Michael Craft Store, Hobby Lobby, or online stores like Amazon.

Tip: Make sure you have a small sign on display to explain to guests how you would like them to sign the guest book.


Use your Photo booth as your guest book!

This is probably one of the most interactive ways to get your guests involved in signing your guest book. Provide guests with a blank scrapbook, you can have some fun colored paper, tape, markers, and anything else you can think of to decorate the pages. After guests take their picture in the photo booth, they can tape a copy of the photo into your guest book, and add a sweet note to the newlyweds!

After the wedding is over, you have a photo of every guest at your wedding, along with their notes, what could be better!




Monogram it!

Want another idea of something fun to display in your home? Having guests sign your monogram is a great way! You can either have them sign one letter (like the initial of your last name), or your monogram! Single letters can be found at craft stores, and custom monograms can be found on websites like Etsy.

Tip: When creating your married monogram, the letters should be in the following order: Bride’s first initial, the surname of the couple, and the grooms first initial. For instance Rebecca and Andrew White would be: RWA





We’ve listed a few here, but there are hundreds of ideas for fun alternative guestbooks! To see some of our favorites, check out our Pinterest dedicated to guestbook ideas!

Check out some more ideas in the photos below, click a photo to enlarge.


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