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Dress Preservation 101

Dress Preservation…What is it and should you do it?

The weddings over…now what do you do with your dress?
Some brides will donate it, some will trash it with a photo shoot, and others will
repurpose it for sentimental reasons. Preserving your dress is the best way to keep
it looking its best and protect it from yellowing over the years.

Wedding dress preservation is the cleaning and packaging of … [ read more ]

Our Favorite Pop Culture Wedding Dresses

Wedding dress shopping is one of the most exciting experiences for newly engaged women. With so many options, designers and designs, it can be overwhelming to know where to start, or what style to go with. Many women look to movies & TV shows for wedding inspiration. As expected, the glamour of television and film has captivated some of the most pinterest-worthy wedding gowns and themes, and we picked a [ read more ]