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Things to Check Off Before Your Big Day

As the wedding planning adventure comes to an end, you’ll realize you’re just a couple days away from saying “I do” and sailing away into the sunset with the love of your life. It seems like the months of planning in preparation of such a momentous occasion have led to panic mode, but there are still a few little tasks that still need to be checked off to ensure a magical walk down the aisle!

Break in Your Shoes

With a perfect dress comes the perfect glittery pumps to complete your ensemble. Once you’ve found the right shoes that match your dress and personal style, don’t forget to break them in by wearing them around your house or even under the office desk, as long as there’s carpet to prevent any scuff marks. If you’d like, take those pumps for a spin and practice dancing in them too! Breaking in your shoes early means you can luxuriate in the wedding day memories, even if it means standing for hours!

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Catch Up on Bridal Beauty Sleep

In the midst of all the planning hoopla, brides will occupy themselves with endless duties to ensure a flawless wedding day, but a major key to a magical night is beauty rest! If possible, tuck yourself underneath those covers a little earlier than usual a week prior to the wedding. Once the wedding checklist starts to stack up, it will be more difficult to get a solid night’s sleep.

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Rehearse Your Vows

The classic saying goes, practice makes perfect! And when there’s only one chance to say your vows, you’ll want to be as prepared as possible. Try walking around the room and practicing your vows so the altar nerves don’t settle in. Once you’re confident with your pace and calmness, you’re ready to say “I do!”

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Pack Your Honeymoon Bags!

It’s easy to get carried away with the stress and attention that comes with the wedding day, but don’t forget to have your suitcases ready for your post-wedding escape route! That way, you won’t have to worry about packing last-minute necessities or doing laundry the morning after the wedding.

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Spend Quality Time with Your Fiance

Before the wedding preparations start getting too busy, spend some quality time with your fiancé to bond over your happiest memories and get each other excited for the most magical day of your lives! Take a minute to talk over the reception playlist or pack for your honeymoon. Don’t forget to do some non-wedding related things to, have a date night, stay in and watch a movie, take a trip to the city, etc.

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Assign Post-Reception Tasks

Have a few floral centerpieces and accessories you want to take home? With so many things going on, it’s easy to forget that the little things, like the guestbook, make the best keepsakes. Ask a few family members or friends to be in charge of bringing a few decorations or centerpieces home so nothing important gets left behind!

And don’t forget to assign someone to turn in your marriage license!

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Prepare Bridal Party Gifts

From tears to laughter, a bridesmaid has experienced everything on the emotional rollercoaster. And having the most magical day in our lives just wouldn’t be possible without them. From the photoshoot you’ve always wanted to fixing up your gown, a bridesmaid is always there to make any request possible. After the wedding festivities have come to an end, gifts such as robes are a perfect way to show the love and gratitude we have for our bridal party. And don’t forget a thank you for the groomsmen too!

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Create a Wedding Playlist with your DJ

Oh music, possibly the most magical way to convey your emotions on your wedding day. Setting the mood for your guests on such a monumental day may seem like like a lot of pressure, but creating a playlist and communicating with your vendor are the first steps to an unforgettable night. Each song can be powerful enough to tell a special story or give a glimpse into the bride and groom’s bond, so if there’s a special song you’re dying to play for the first dance, add it to a reception playlist.

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Pack an Emergency Kit

Wedding days are always hectic, and sometimes things happen. Sometimes the bridesmaids shoes are killing them and they need a bandaid. Maybe one of the groomsmen spilled something on their shirt before the ceremony. Luckily you packed an emergency kit with all of the day-of necessities! Some of our favorite things to pack are: pain killers, snacks, Tide to-go pens, tissue, sewing kit, band-aids, safety pins, Tums, mints, tape, and bobby pins. Need some more ideas? The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Style Me Pretty all have great lists on what to include in your kit.

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