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What to Expect After Saying “I Do”

After weeks of non-stop planning and hectic meetings, it seems like the excitement leading up to your wedding never ends. Now that you’ve officially said “I Do,” all that hard work and dedication has finally paid off. You had a breathtaking ceremony, an unforgettable night, and of course, you’re officially married! But don’t let those post-wedding blues hit just yet, there’s still more to do! Luckily, these post-wedding duties won’t be as hectic, and you’ll be able to cherish the memories while spending time with your significant other.

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Preserve Your Bouquet

Your wedding bouquet is one of the most beautiful and memorable things about your big day. Though small, it’s a highly symbolic memento; reminiscent of a bride’s elegance and a breathtaking ceremony. Plus, it’s just too pretty to toss away! With so many beautiful memories bound to a bouquet, many brides choose to preserve their flowers and or the groom’s boutonnieres as an extra special keepsake. Keep an eye out for companies that specialize in freeze-drying your flowers for preservation. Some may even pick up your bouquet at the reception for you!

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Write your Thank You Notes

Etiquette is key when it comes to a memorable wedding, so thank you cards are a must have on your post-wedding checklist. If you had a lot of guests attend your wedding, it’s a good idea to get started on those cards right after the honeymoon so they can be sent out in time. Try to incorporate a unique, personalized message to show how appreciative you are of the thoughtful gift and the honor of being able to share a special memory with them. Writing over a hundred thank you notes can be challenging, so make the endeavor fun and less daunting by blocking out batches and writing them up with your significant other!

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Preserve your Wedding Dress

A gown angelic and gorgeous enough to be your attire of choice on the big day deserves all the love and care it deserves, especially after the wedding. Try as you might, a white gown won’t always survive the outdoor wedding photoshoots and an endless night of dancing, so it’s always a good idea to get the dress professionally cleaned as soon as possible. To keep your gown lasting for years to come, consider having the dress preserved and packed away professionally. Even if your future daughter doesn’t wear it for her wedding, you’ll still have a priceless memory in pristine condition.

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Review your Vendors

A picture-perfect wedding wouldn’t be possible without your brilliant florist, makeup artist, or photographer going above and beyond to make your special day unforgettable. Take a minute to write them a heartfelt email or even a handwritten note to convey how appreciative you are of their time, unparalleled talent, and brilliant ideas. Our vendors work tirelessly to make our weddings a fantasy, so putting in a little extra effort is always a nice gesture. Writing them a glowing review on Yelp or wedding boards is also the perfect way to express your gratitude while helping other couples find an amazing photographer or florist!

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Repurpose your Decor

From tulle ribbons to chalkboard stands, the little things can really complete the ambiance of an enchanting wedding. But what happens once you’ve tied the knot and you’re left with a case full of glittery mason jars? If your decorations are sitting in the closet collecting dust, consider finding them a new home or revamping them. Take a moment to evaluate your decorations and see which ones can be gifted, sold, or donated. Mason jars can be easily turned into gifts by filling them with sewing supplies or even dry baking ingredients to create a DIY jar for a loved one. For the budget-savvy bride, consider selling your pre-loved decorations to new brides on Etsy, eBay, Mercari, and Poshmark. And the best part? You already have professional photos of the decorations from your wedding, which can serve as extra inspiration for potential brides!


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Legally Change your Name

Congratulations! Now that you’ve officially tied the knot, the time is right for changing your name, but only if you want to! Changing your name on Facebook will be an easy feat, but be sure to have all of your essential documents such as your social security card and passport ready to go for your official name change. Make this new chapter of married life an easy and joyful journey by completing your name change early.

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"Dan and I can't thank you guys enough for such a fantastic job you did with our wedding. It far surpassed our dreams. Working with you guys was seamless and all the little details really meant so much to us. Madeline, you are a rock star! You went above and beyond and your work and diligence shows in all you do. It was a great pleasure working with you." - Georgie & Dan - November 15, 2014