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Your Top 8 Invitation Etiquette Questions Answered

By far, one of the most confusing and elusive parts of wedding planning is getting together your save-the-dates, invitations, and RSVP’s. We are asked questions about wedding invitations on a daily basis, and we get why! Unless you’ve had a wedding before, or are very up-to-date on your invite etiquette knowledge, this can be a very confusing subject. While there aren’t many “rules” to weddings these days, your invitations are … [ read more ]

Creative Favor Ideas

Wedding Favors are a great way to thank your guests for coming to your wedding, but a lot of couples struggle with choosing what exactly they will be using for their wedding keepsake. Favors used to be a small token for guests, but they have now evolved to fun ways for couples to express their personality, and elevate the guest experience. We’ve all seen the classic favors, but we know … [ read more ]

Our 2019 Wedding Fair

Every year we host our wedding fair to kick off the start of wedding season.
We love hosting this event for multiple reasons; we get to work closely with our
preferred vendors, show off our yummy food, and hang out with all of our upcoming
brides and grooms. This is a great time for couples to come out and meet our
preferred vendors in person and see some of their … [ read more ]

Fun Dessert Ideas

Dinner done, now it’s time for something sweet. While many couples go for the traditional wedding cake, other dessert options are becoming more and more popular! Don’t get us wrong, we loveeeee a good wedding cake, but sometimes couples just want something different for their wedding.

Desserts are a fun way to get really creative with your wedding, and do something different! They are also an easy way to add … [ read more ]

8 Things to Bring on Your Wedding Day

Were a big advocate of lists, and reminders to help couples stay organized for their wedding. One thing we often find is couple who forget to bring things the day of. This means that someone needs to run home to grab the bride’s perfume, or go out and buy a change of shoes for the Mother of the Groom. So how do you avoid these mid-day mishaps? We think the … [ read more ]

Ceremony Unity Ideas

One thing we love about wedding these days is that couples are not shy about adding their personality to their wedding! Some couples do this in what they wear, their decor, or food selections. One thing that every couple likes to customize is their ceremony. It makes sense, the ceremony after all is the most important part of the day, and should reflect the couple. Adding a unity ceremony is … [ read more ]

Must-Get Wedding Photos

Along with your memories, your photos are the only things you’ll have after your wedding day ends. Photos are so important so we always recommend our clients hire high quality wedding photographers who can capture their big day. While most couples know to get the big photos like the bridal party, family photos, and the couple portraits, there are some photos that many people don’t think about getting when planning … [ read more ]

Creative Seating Chart Ideas

Many couples as us for fun ideas to display their seating arrangements. Seating arrangements are a great way to display where guests are sitting, and can really make a statement. While poster boards are the most common way to display a seating chart, there are so many creative and fun ways to make a seating chart. Doing something a little different can also be a great way to add your … [ read more ]

How to Make a Guest List

Creating a guest list can be one of the biggest challenges for a couple planning a wedding. Navigating the dangerous waters of who is invited can be very tricky. Some couples feel obligated to invite co-workers, and old friends. Many parents will hand over their own list of invitees that they insist couples invite. And some couples just can’t say no to their friends, ex-girlfriend’s, twice removed aunt who insists … [ read more ]

First Look Ideas at Elliston

Today, first looks are becoming more popular whereas before it was seen as “bad luck” to see your fiancĂ© before the ceremony. Nowadays we actually love the idea of a first look as it’s time for your significant other and you to take a private moment before the wedding frenzy commences. It is also a great time to get out any tears or last minute jitters before you walk down … [ read more ]